Romans 12:1-21, verses 1-2 text.
By way of introduction it is necessary for us to take a closer look at our text verses 1-2. In this the fourth part of Romans, we are given the precepts of the Christian life.
First, Paul gives the precepts and grounds: that every man consecrate himself wholly to the spiritual service of God, and offer himself as a living sacrifice by the grace of God.
If you gave yourself to be used then you set the limitations, but if you gave it all to God, that is sacrifice. This ought to be our goal in everything we do. Why?
• Because past sacrifices were presented on the altar: but now the altar is everywhere.
• Because in the past animals were used, but now our own body must be offered.
• Because in the past dead sacrifices were offered, but now we must offer our life.
• Because it is to be a spiritual sacrifice, not a physical body.
“I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God,”
The word mercies simply means: favour, kindness, and compassion shown to the undeserving. The plural is used in place of the Hebrew word for mercy, which has no singular. The word is rarely used in the New Testament.
In earlier chapters Paul proved that all men were by nature under sin; that they had no claim on God. God had shown them great compassion in giving His Son to die, in pardoning their sins, and this was the reason why they should devote themselves to God.

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