Read Romans 12:1-21 again, if time.

Let me say that this is not a motivating message as such. In this message we want to simply look at some of the driving forces in the life of Paul.

There are four duties given in chapter twelve:

A. Our duty to God verses 1-2.
B. Our duty to ourselves verses 3-9.
C. Our duty to others verses 10-13.
D. Our duty to the warfare verses 14-21.

Paul’s three great motivating driving forces are:

• The Love of Christ constrained him. The motive for dedication is love.

• His faith empowered him. The Holy Spirit gave him the power to live for Christ.

• God’s grace enabled him. He does not say, “I command you,” but “I beseech you.”

Four of the greatest forces in life and our service to God in a more practical way are:

• To please God.
• To win souls.
• To endure in the battle.
• To do the will of God.


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