Psalm 119:25-40, verses 33-40 text.
It is my belief that every Christian must understand these principles.
Spurgeon said that this one chapter equally excels in breath of thought, depth of meaning, height of fervor as any 22 Psalms. It is alphabetical in style and I have always believed that its author is David, because it has his style.
This song has the letter ‘D’ and it sings of depression, but in the spirit of devotion, determination and dependence. Each letter has eight verses times twenty-two = 176 total verses.
Look at verse 25: cleaveth – Hebrew: joined, adhered to, glued to and hold fast to. Dust – Hebrew: Earth or worldly things. Quicken – Hebrew: Save me alive or restore me to life. Quicken occurs nine times and only in Psalm 119. The Psalmist recognizes that the only way for him to enlarge his heart (verse 32) is through the Word of God.
His sense of devotion, determination and dependence leads him to pray verses 33-40 our text verses.
We have said much about the Word of God in recent weeks and the fact that you will never be a good Christian if you are not in the Book. We said that everything God does all He does through His Word. God always does everything by His Word. You will have to do it that way as well.

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