Here are some practical thoughts on how to stay motivated all the time:

A. Evaluate your motivation

Are you naturally motivated or do you need someone to continually motivate you? Is it hard for you to sustain momentum or are you always moving forward? You need to be honest about yourself and how well you do in moving toward your goals in your spiritual life and staying motivated as a member of the church.

B. Use every available tool

Staying motivated and sustaining momentum takes continual work. You have to keep pushing yourself or you will run out of gas.

The best way to do this is to use every available resource to keep you going. Read portions of the Bible that will motivate you. Listen to preaching and music tapes that will inspire and motivate you. Make yourself accountable to someone that will keep you focused on your goals.

Be faithful to all the services in church to help you in your spiritual walk with God, and being motivated. The point is do something. Don’t leave motivation to chance. There is too much at stake.

C. Start Today

It is easy to read about or to hear preaching on motivation but it is another thing to put them into practice.  Decide right now on what you’re going to do that will help you to stay motivated and sustain momentum.

Put into practice what you have just heard or you will find yourself moving back and forth like a rocking chair…lots of movement but no progress. Chris Sonksen (with some editing)

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