So, what is a biblical friendship?
Proverbs 27:5-17, 17:17
Review yesterday’s devotional.
1. In the Old Testament a friend is “Awhab.”
2. “ an acquaintance is “Reyan.”
3. In the New Testament a friend (true) is “Philos.”
4. “ an acquaintance is “Hetairos.”
A. This kind commands commitment.
Such as the love between a husband and a wife because they should be the best of friends (Philos).
The cry of many today is, “I want somebody who cares about me.” It is unselfish and gives more than it receives.
“I can choose you to be my friend – you can’t do anything about it. I may just be an acquaintance to you, but you are my friend. No matter how you may treat me or how you respond to my friendship, I am your friend.”
So, it means commitment even if nothing is returned to you. It will always take the initiative to build the friendship.
When we are together, we do not keep score…”I bought last time and now it is your turn,” etc. There is no reciprocation needed in a real friendship, because a friend “loveth at all times.”
We have a twisted understanding of what a friendship really is. The Bible says, “give and it shall be given unto you.”
Why don’t we have more friends than we do? Could it be that we fear rejection of the one we are trying to befriend?
There are some who are “servants” and others are “friends” to like Jesus.
Here is what I am saying, “You commit yourself to the other person unconditionally until the end.” John 13:1.

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