Read Hebrews 9:1-14 if time permits.
Jesus purchased our eternal home when He resurrected from the dead and our home here on the earth – the church. It had to be God’s blood not men. It was God’s blood flowing through the veins Jesus. It takes both Calvary and the mercy seat. To whom do you pay a debt? To the one you owe it.
To whom do we owe the sin debt? Jesus! To whom should we pay it? Is it paid by joining the church, baptism, etc? No, the debt must be paid.
All other things, good as they may be; will not pay the debt. It’s like telling your doctor that you will pray for him, wash his car, etc.
Read Hebrews 9:12. The Holy Place! Follow me: The Lamb was slain and had to be spilled on the alter. Think about how the priest sprinkled the blood. Jesus died as a lamb.
Hallelujah, He arose as a Priest, and the priest’s duty is to sprinkle the blood on the mercy seat.
The blood on the cross was not enough; it had to be sprinkled on the mercy seat. That’s why Jesus had to be raised from the dead and go to heaven to sprinkle the blood on the mercy seat. Not just the blood on the cross but also on the mercy seat. Shed blood is not sufficient, it must be applied blood.
Remember in Exodus it had to be applied to the door post.
Spill blood all you want to, but if not applied it is just spilled blood. The only way the job could be completed was for Jesus to rise from the dead and go to heaven to do it because He is the High Priest.
Atonement had to be made. It had to be applied where it was owed – in the very presence of God. What is the blood doing there on the mercy seat?
Hebrews 12:24, “It speaketh.” Wow! It is still speaking about 35 years later– this was written in 65 AD and now 2,000 years later it is still speaking.
According to Genesis 4:10 only God hears speaking blood.
We have far too much preaching on what we have accomplished. What we need is more preaching on the power of the cross, the blood and the resurrection. HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY!

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