Read Ecclesiastes 11:9-12:1
All of us, the best of us, the worst of us are going to face the future. Good times as well as bad times; periods of joy as well as periods of depression, etc.
Some may live a very short and some a very long life. Some will be basically happy and others unhappy.
Since it has been almost a week since my last devotional. I thought this topic would be a good one to start up again. We ought to at least give some attention to loving and thinking of others.
Think of this: Most of our depression comes as a direct result of our past. Let me explain: Most of our depression comes because we have bad memories (be they right or wrong).
What are you saying? King Solomon did not have good memories, because he lived for now and found all to be vanity. Read 2:1-11. Solomon is looking back to his younger years and finds no pleasure in them.
How about you, young person; how will you look back to your youth. Will it be with a broken heart and no pleasure in them, or will it be with joy and gladness of heart that you did the right thing.
How many of us parents wish we could go back to our youth to change some things? The real you is going to reveal himself to you and others this summer if changes are not made.
Some are going to fall by the wayside this year, while others will continue to grow and have given to them new fields of opportunity for the future. Some will look back to this summer with bad memories, others with good.
Here is food for thought: How many people will be able to point to you with things you will not want to remember at the end of the summer or some date in the future?

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