Wow! Just noticed that this is my 48th Spiritual Birthday, trusted Christ, May 20, 1971.
John 3:22-36
There apparently arose a question between John’s Disciples and a Jew, concerning ceremonial purification. We believe this Jew could have been Nicodemus, still searching after truth.
Like many people today, Nicodemus was confused about baptism and religious ceremony. He may have thought “born of water” meant Jewish purification or baptism.
Notice how John points him to Christ, not baptism. If baptism were necessary for salvation, this would have been the place in the bible to say so – nothing is said.
Instead the emphasis is on believing verse 36. It is evident that Nicodemus came “out of the dark,” and finally became a born-again Christian.
1. Here in Chapter three we see Nicodemus in the DARKNESS OF CONFUSION.
2. In 7:45-53 we see him in THE DAWN OF CONVICTION.
He was willing to listen to Christ and John the Baptist.
In 19:38-42 Nicodemus was with Joseph of Arimathaea to claim the body of Jesus.
3. We see Nicodemus in DAYLIGHT OF CONFESSION.
In other words, he was openly identifying himself with Christ.
That’s what we need this morning. Nicodemus answered the two most important questions:
Who can purify?
Who is Master?
Nicodemus made Christ number One or great in his life.

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