Daniel 9:1-19, verses 17, “Cause thy face to shine upon thy sanctuary that is desolate.”

Comment on Daniel sitting and studying the book of Jeremiah and in particular 25:1-11.

Daniel was now 90 years old. Notice that God did not give him “visions and dreams.” He gave him His Word. Beware of those who have visions and dreams not consistent with the Word of God.

Chapter nine is the key to the prophecy in Daniel, and it is the most important prophecy concerning the end times and seventy weeks (490 years).

There are two different periods of time spoken of:

  1. The End Time.
  2. The Seventy Years captivity in Babylon.

As Daniel was studying the Word of God he found that there were only 2 more years in captivity, because he had been in for 68 years at this point. We know this because it was 68 years from Nebuchadnezzar to Darius in 539 BC. This of course caused Daniel to be very happy to say the least.

Then as he continued studying the Word of God he suddenly became burdened to pray. By the way, the two always go together: study and pray.

When you have a hard time understanding the Bible it is a warning that something may be wrong. It could be sin, if nothing else the sin of not praying.

Why did Daniel ask to go to Jerusalem when he already knew from Jeremiah that he would be delivered in two years?

Because God wanted him to find His will and then pray for it.

The same is true for us: He wants for us to find His will and then begin to pray. This is quite a truth! Most Christians are looking for His will without ever praying. It may be that they are in the perfect will of God, but do not recognize it because they fail to pray. Wow!

Obviously, this must have been a happy time in prayer for Daniel.

Daniel was burdened about the Sanctuary being desolate and asked God to shine upon it.


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