Matthew 14:22-33

Don’t try to explain away this great miracle. It came like all other miracles, by faith. Any faith that looks much on outward circumstances will fail. God is not bound by circumstances. PRAISE GOD!

It is wrong to have our faith dependent on circumstances. Rather, we should depend on God who is above all circumstances.

Our salvation does not depend on feeling: You are saved whether you feel like it or not. A lost man may feel good or even saved, but that does not mean he is. So let us put our dependence on Christ and His Word.

If He said to Peter, “Come,” then Peter had a right to expect Jesus to take care of him. Look at verses 22-23 again: This is great!

What a picture of our day: Jesus has gone to sit at the right hand of God the Father, while we are here in the midst of a storm tossed sea in a place of peril.

Verse 25, the fourth watch is about 3AM to daylight. I believe Jesus is coming again on the fourth watch. We do not know the date, but we can know the time and season.

Verse 26, You say preacher this guy is superstitious. Well, you might be too. I like what the fellow in Tennessee said, “I didn’t usta believe in ghosts neither, til I seen one.”

Look at verse 27, Jesus always brings cheer when He comes along.

Verse 28, This is quite a bold request by Peter, for which he has been criticized.

William Carey said, “Expect great things from God, and attempt great things for God.”
Look at verse 29, WOW!

And you say Peter had no faith? This is not a man of failure! No wonder God used him in such a great way in the book of Acts.


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