2 Samuel 22

As David came to the close of his life, in this particular song, he gave us a short resume’ of his accomplishments and of his faith in God. David has truly seen God’s mercy and love, as well as his chastening hand, but in this chapter and particularly in verses 22-36, he gives special attention to the fact that everything was of God, to whom is given all the praise.  He recognized where his strength was, which also caused him to see his own weaknesses.  I amparticularly impressed with verse 36, where David saw the gentleness of God.

We, too, have seen God work in many ways. We have seen the strength, the mercy, the blessing, the gentleness, but also the deliverance, of the Lord. We, too, with David must recognize, as David said, in verse 2 and other places, “the Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer.”I believe God will shield us from the darts if we’ll truly trust Him. In verse 4, David prayed and claimed the promises of God. And, by the way, God will answer your prayer and mine if we’ll “leap for Him.” In verse 8, the foundation of heaven moved and shook because God was angry.  America needs to understand that God is angry with our sin, and God will even use nature to chastise us into obedience to His Word. In verse 14, He thundered from heaven.  This reminds me that we need to hear from heaven. We need to hear His voice; however, if we are going to hear God speaking, we must first of all recognize His voice, and then do as He commands. In verses 17-18, David speaks of God delivering him from his enemy. Oh, how many times God has delivered us from our enemies! – and this time even from nature itself, which only God can control.


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