Ezekiel 36:8-11

 This account takes place just before the 70-year captivity to Babylon. God has been warning his people of the coming judgment.

Here in Chapter 36 the land of Israel is comforted, both by destruction of the heathen in verses 1-7 and by the blessing of God promised to it in verses 8-15.

God looks at the deplorable condition with compassion. They have become both prey and derision to the heathen that are round about them, and God tells them that He is for them and will turn to them with a promise of future restoration in verse 9.

One day they will dwell in the land and there will be prosperity. There will be physical as well as spiritual blessings, and they shall say in verses 35-38, “This land that was desolate is become like the Garden of Eden;”“And they shall know that I am The Lord.”

They don’t know that today, neither does the US or the rest of the world, but one day they will know it and then every knee shall bow.

Israel’s past sins must be judged and forgiven before she can be restored to the land.

Tomorrow we will see that gives them several promises concerning the future.

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