Psalm 71: 1-24

To understand this Psalm, we must understand the psalmist.  Truly the character of David is revealed in this.  He was a godly man.  He set his affection, dependence on Him. It was a rule of his life.  Yes, he had some darkness in his life, but his sin was as much a sin to him as ours is to us.

So we have to judge him by the rules we apply to other men, as well as to ourselves.  And so what do we find? He is first seen as a shepherd boy on the rocky hills of Bethlehem.  God was a living reality; “He set the Lord always before him.”

In his thoughts, about his work, solitude and yes, even in his sin, He never forsook his Lord. He said, “my sin is ever before me . . . against Thee, Thee only, have I sinned, and done this evil in Thy sight.”  

We can look at David as a good example of the godly man, good king, and yet with the warning that the best of men have a corrupt and sinful nature, and can fall at any time, if they forget God.

Look at the two thoughts that compose this sentence.

  1. “I will go.” It is active, frequent, happy and progressive.
  2. But balancing it in all modesty and holy caution, turning rashness into courage, impulse into trust. “I will go in the strength of the Lord God.”

He is not trusting in his own strength, but in God’s.


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