Psalm 26:1-8.

Recently as the choir was singing, “I will honor God” as our introductory song I was caught up and meditated upon the word “honor.” I was so involved in it that I almost forgot to join the rest of the church in the first congregational song. To Honor is to: reverence, admire, respect, worship, praise, esteem and tribute.

Here are some of the things I thought about as I meditated and studied the word “honor.”

Let me first of all say that the word appears hundreds of times in the Bible. Really too many to give one definition, so I thought I would look up another meaning: respect, and found that it was not in the Bible.

Well, I thought I would look up another word for honor: admiration; you guessed it, admire is not in the Bible either.

Alright, I’ll try it one more time: reputation (no); credit (no; give me a break, I finally decided to type the word in my Thesaurus, you guessed it, nothing there either.

I guess I have to leave it to my own interpretation; and here is what I came up with? I think we will all agree that what we mean is we will “worship” God. Yes, you guessed it right; worship is used several hundred times.

But, it still does not give us what we mean when we “honor God.” Does it mean that we will “highly esteem” Him? Well, yes it could, but there is a problem with that too. Because most of the time the word is used when we are to “esteem others better than ourselves.”


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