Noah and Abraham had a promise; they believed God, were strong their faith. They men of loyalty as well as steadfastness; because they had an IMPOSSIBLE GOAL.
In verses 1-6 God appears to Moses in a burning bush.
In verses 7-10 God sends Moses to deliver Israel.
In verses 11-15 the name (I Am) Jehovah is made known to Moses.
In verses 16-22 we see the deliverance of the Israelites is promised.
In verses 1-6. The years of the life of Moses are divided into three forties.
1. The first forty he spent as a leader in Pharaoh’s court.
2. The second as a shepherd in Midian.
3. The third as a king in Jeshurun.
MOSES, having been originally taken by an Egyptian princess, the word is no doubt Egyptian in its origin, and Josephus gives its true origin – from the two Egyptian words, MO, water, and USE, saved. With this the Hebrew form, MOUSES. The Hebrews by a slight change accommodated it to their own language, as they did also in the case of some other foreign words; calling it MOSHIE, from the verb MASHA, to draw out. See Exodus 2:10.
Moses did the impossible because he believed the God of Noah, Abraham for the impossible.
Not only NOAH, ABRAHAM and MOSES, but tomorrow we will conclude with the Disciples in the New Testament.

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