“In All Thy Ways Acknowledge Him!”

Proverbs 3:1-6.

One of the great secrets in life and happiness is toacknowledge Him. No, I don’t mean to simply quote the verse as we often do.

Why do we get distressed, discouraged and depressed?

There is a principle here in verse six we need to understand. You will never find happiness by seeking it, but, “In all thy ways acknowledge Him…”

There are two parts:

  1. Our part: “In all thy ways..”
  2. His part: “and He shall direct thy paths..”

Most of us try to do His part and wonder why we are disappointed.

Example: For a young person the question is not where should I go to College or whom should I marry?

BUT, ACKNOWLEDGE HIM and He shalldirect thy paths.Don’t give God a list of what you want, just acknowledge Him.\

Let me illustrate: When we have an important decision to make, we feel we cannot trust anyone, even God. But God knows what is best for us. He is a better judge of what we want and need than we are. We have to trust Him completely in every choice we make, and not neglect careful thinking in our choices. Lets bring our decisions to God in prayer and use the Bible as our guide and then follow His leading.


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