Proverbs 3:1-6.
Let me illustrate another way: How many have ever had fantasies? We “day dream” the good things, never the negative. A fantasy is always positive. Reality; however, has negatives.
There is no way you can have fantasies with realities. Why? Reality cannot meat up to your fantasy.
Here is the definition of fantasy according to Webster’s Dictionary, “a creation of the imaginative faculty whether expressed or merely conceived.
That’s why most of us get discouraged: our fantasies do not present reality.
We make our own plans and dreams and try to do God’s part. The WHAT is more important than the WHERE.
We judge success by where we are, not by what we are. Our goals ought to be character goals not accomplish goals.
Let me illustrate it this way: Ladies, many of you had fantasies about a man in shining armor. Well, let me tell you, he does not exist.
We need to pray for The Lord to direct us to right.
Another example: Take a young Pastor who dreams about his first church. His fantasy did not include deacons or disgruntled church members. But that’s reality.
On the other hand, take the people: they too have a fantasy about their Pastor. But, when you meet him, he does not meet up to your fantasy or expectations and then discouragement sets in.
Why? We need to get back to the basics and acknowledge Him. And He will direct.
Let me say in closing: We are unhappy because we want what we want – NOW.
But God has a design for you and me: AND THAT IS TO ACKNOWLEDGE HIM.

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