Genesis 22: 1-14

In Matthew, chapter 4, we are told that the devil took Jesus on the mountaintop, the mount of temptation, to tempt him, or solicit the Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world, to commit sin. Jesus not only experienced greattemptation, but He also experienced a great triumph through this trial. I have been consumed with thoughts of mountain tops and mountain topexperiences in the last several weeks, and I not only thought about Jesus on the mountain of temptation, but I also read about Elijah’s trial on Mount Carmel, where God gave him great victory over the prophets of Baal. In Luke, chapter 2, Jesus went up on the Mount of Olives. Often, Jesus would retreat into a desert place, or a hidden place, or on the mountain top to spend time alone with His Father. I studied about Moses as he looked from the mountain top into the Promised Land, realizing that he would never enter that land which he has been anticipating for over 40 years.

On Monday we will see another great mountain top experience with Abraham and his son Isaac.

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