1 Kings 12:1-15.
Mark Twain said, “We all are like the Moon, we have a bright side and a dark side.”
Rehoboam was 41 years old when his father Solomon died. On the surface he looked genuine, but in reality he made his own plans behind the scene.
Rehoboam was a “reckless phony” who had a lot of potential, but he allowed the dark side of him to control him. He lived an ungodly lifestyle under Solomon. He had no intention to listen.
We can learn from him in training our children: we need to understand that we can influence our children by what we fail to do as well as by what we do.
Just a week ago I heard that piers and friends have a greater influence on how your children turn out than you do as parents do.
One of the teens gave the example that he learns morals, etc. from his parents sometimes, but he learned wearing an ear ring from his friend.
“Influencing our children by what we don’t do.” It is not just what we do, but what we fail to do. We can do perfectly right and good things, we can be good parents; but we fail to do some things.

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