Please read 1 Kings 12:1-15.
It is the positive things we do with our children that makes them happy and gives them good memories of their childhood, and will influence them positively all their lives.
Children can stand almost any kind of negatives in school, at play, etc., but if there is not a warm feeling of love at home they become very unhappy.
A child needs to hear “I love you,” not just providing their needs as important as that is.
They need more than a neat home and three square meals a day; they need positive reinforcement and love. We have all heard of the three R’s: reading, riting, rithmatic. How about adding responsibility.
Even small children can be given responsibility. He can be taught that certain things are expected of him.
Rehoboam was taught right when he was young, but his parents failed to do many things. Proverbs 1:10, “My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not.”
A child can be taught to pick up toys, put clothes in a hamper, sit up, and then add more responsibility as he grows older. He must be taught to carry his part of responsibility at home.
Listen Mom’s & Dad’s it is to your advantage to teach your children character. When he goes out in the world he will not expect others to carry his load for him. When a person is irresponsible, it always puts an extra load on the responsible.
Now think of it: When a parent fails to teach a child responsibility. He is failing by what he is not doing.
How can I teach my child to become a responsible adult?

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