Jeremiah 37:1-21, verses 16-21 text.

Verse two tells us that some people would not hearken to the word of the Lord.

There is one thing men of God in pulpits across America need to realize is that the people of God still will not listen. And the lost are comfortable in the social religious activities. People today are no more interested in hearing the word of God than they were thousands of years ago.

I do not have the answer but I do know that if the people of God will not listen and refuse to follow the word of the Lord they will turn to their own wicked devices.

With the unrest we have in our society today it would seem wise for people to listen to God and to the voice of God’s man.

I would not want to live in this ungodly world without the Lord. I would not want to face terrorists and cold blooded killers without the protective Hand of God.

There are THREE THINGS that stand out in this chapter, and in our text that I would like to call your attention to.


The word revelation means to uncover something that had been hidden. Is there any word from the Lord? There is! It is the WORD OF REVELATION.

God never does His work without first revealing His will and purpose for doing that which has to be done. The Bible is full of examples of this truth:


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