Matthew 15:1-20
“Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect…”
Sincerely enough, and with real desire to help the people to better understand the scripture, they started supplying commentaries on, and applications of the Bible truth and principles.
They became more and more elaborate and men began to look at them as authority with their man-made religion and rules.
One of the most wonderful things about the Lord is that He came to liberate man from the pressures of man-made religion and rules, and recover for man a genuine moral force of God’s commands.
It was sometimes necessary for God to deal hard with man and his traditions. Legalism and formalism are always dangerous to simple faith in Christ.
Someone said, “The representation of religious truth in spiritual and ceremonial traditions is necessary to the weakness of men who want physical helps (aid) in their effort to understand spiritual things.” But, the Bible says that spiritual things are spiritually discerned.
Physical or material things seem to have a constant tendency to enslave men. And the enslaving is done so subtly that many a man who is a slave to his rituals and to his rules, thinks himself to be a free man.
But worse than that, and the thing that distressed the Lord, is when a man knows that all his spiritual life is gone, he will keep up rituals and even more so obey the rules and persuade him that formalism and tradition is better than spirituality. That is the reason Jesus said what He did in verse 8.

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