1 Samuel 21:1-7.
In verse 1, David, having been driven from Samuel by Saul, fled immediately to the man of God – good thing to do. David loved God’s servant, and would not leave their company. Ahimelech suspected that something was wrong.
Verse 2. Here David tells him a lie, as he also did in 20:6.
He lied to protect himself, but still a lie.
1. He lied to Saul in chapter 20.
2. He lied to Ahimelech in chapter 21.
3. He lied to Achish in 21:10-15.
This sin of David’s is recorded not for his honor, but for our warning. His falsehood led to a terrible consequence, as all lying always does. He trusted in his own flesh rather than in the Almighty God.
It’s amazing how quickly a man of faith can become a man of fear and unbelief. If we get in a hurry and trust man, or our own plans, before long everything falls to pieces and we find ourselves out of God’s fellowship, blessing and protection.
Verse 7, this man Doeg was full of hatred, quickly accused the priest of helping a traitor.
Read 22:9-23. David was cut to the heart. It was at this time that David wrote
Psalm 52 about Doeg (read it). Doeg had little reason to boast in slaying 85 innocent men. He was a coward.

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