Read 1 Samuel 21:1-7.
In Psalm 52 Doeg was a liar, deceitful, boastful, treacherous, a lover of evil more than good, a lover of lies more than truth, and a lover of seeing others hurt.
Contrast between David and Doeg:
1. David was like a green olive tree; Doeg was like a dead tree, cast out.
2. David trusted in the mercy of God; Doeg in riches.
3. David will be blessed forever; Doeg cursed.
4. David will praise God forever; Doeg will be in remorse.
5. David was an example for good; Doeg for evil.
6. David was beloved of God; Doeg was fearful.
A. God cannot be slain.
Verse 2 Eastern barbers use the razor so well that a man does not even realize his hair is being cut. So with these, God’s servants. Doeg had a soft, but sharp tongue – killed priests.
Verse 4 Some men have a taste for evil – avoid them like the plague. God will one day deal with slanderers with His justice.
Verse 7 Persecutors may be rich, but their wealth shall not save them. Justice has a way and method of dealing with them.
B. God cannot be bribed.
He will avenge His own servants and that right early.
Lesson: Learn to endure all slander for Christ’s sake.
In 21:10-15 David still trusted in the flesh. He went to Achish – he fled to the Philistines and changed his behavior.
Lesson: When we leave the plain path of faith, there is no telling what we will do and how far we will go. Look at David, acting like a mad man. (Reminds us of Shakespeare’s Hamlet) Think of how truthful the Holy Spirit was to record David, “a man after God’s own heart.”

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