Read 1 Samuel 21:1-7.
But David learned a very valuable lesson: Read Psalm 56.
In verse 1 He is back to trusting God for His mercy rather than going to Achish.
In verse 3 “Those who trust in God when they are afraid, will soon learn to trust and not be afraid.” To trust God when there is no reason for fear is just faith. But, to be totally reliant upon God in real danger is Biblical faith at work.
In verse 4 Faith may be weak at times, but it can burn again. See how strong David’s trust became?
In verse 11 He had been afraid, but he learned to double his faith for the future.
In verse 12 He probably made a vow to God in trouble and now keeps it. We had better do likewise.
In verse 13 He realized that he had fallen, and this led him to seek God’s forgiveness and grace. That’s what we all need today.
1. Learn to be truthful at all times – look at the consequences if tempted to lie.
2. Learn from past failures.
3. Realize your own faults and weaknesses and avoid them. Good men see their faults and weaknesses and avoid them.
4. Confess your faults and trust the Lord to deliver you from falling in the future.

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