This blog is given for the purpose of making available to pastor’s and students wishing further enlightenment on the Word of God. We have listed most of the resources available from Contending for the Faith Publications. The printed brochure is given as a matter of information and subject to change without notice. Please read through the resources available and allow us to assist you in your personal studies of God’s precious Word and make them available to anyone within your sphere of influence.

Jude 1:3 Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.

Contending for the Faith Publications is meant to be a help to all Christians workers. Pastors and teachers alike will benefit from the books in their life and ministry. Pastor Nikoley was greatly used to make an impact on the State of California, in the nation; as well as on Religious Freedom. The church experienced a great victory over State issues such as taxation and licensure. In 1983 Pomerado Road Baptist Church among some sixty-five California churches passed a bill in the California State Legislature to free the churches of this burden. Under the leadership of Dr. David Gibbs Jr. of CLA and the California Council for Religious Freedom, under the leadership of the late Dr. Harry Jackson the legislation to free the churches of this intrusion was passed on June 23, 1983. Within a week Pomerado Road Baptist Church would have been confiscated and sold by the state had the bill not been signed by then Governor Deukmejian. It is for this reason that we had chosen Contending for the Faith as the name for the publication ministry.

One of the resources of Contending for the Faith Publications includes the recently published devotional, “My Daily Walk,” volume I, and My Daily Walk, volume II, Volume III, and just completed Volume IV, all of which are now available through Contending for the Faith Publications.

My Daily Walk, Volume I, originally published by Xulon Pressis a day–by-day devotional for the entire year that can be started at any time. Dr. Nikoley and his staff are very pleased with the response of this book and believe it has been a great spiritual aid to Christians seeking to have a closer walk with God. It is available in many bookstores and websites, including, Barnes and Noble, etc.  Now all four are available in spiral bound from Contending For The Faith Publications.

My Daily Walk is a devotional for teenagers and adults and is meant to inspire personal devotions leading to a closer, more intimate walk with God. This devotional presents a thought or a verse to meditate upon throughout the day. It gives the added benefit of an area in which to put those meditations into writing, as well as assignments to perform to put them into action. My Daily Walk is published in the hope that it would lead to a change in the life of the reader.

One reader said, “I started reading My Daily Walk and could not put it down.” Another said, “I look forward to reading from My Daily Walk everyday, because it is so good to have a devotional with meat from the King James Bible.”

As Dr. Mark Rasmussen put it, “This devotional is easy to read, convicting, challenging, and helpful. If you would like to use a devotional as a tool or guide I implore you to give this a long look. Although a devotional is obviously meant to be used on a daily basis I found that it was almost impossible to put “My Daily Walk” down. I have already referred this book to others. This devotional has ‘meat’ and not just fluff. It will challenge and bless.”

David C. Gibbs III, of National Center for Life and Liberty (NCLL) and author of “Fighting for Dear Life” said, “I am sure My Daily Walk will help many Christians of all ages to develop a closer personal walk with God.”

The best and least expensive way to order My Daily Walk is through Contending for the Faith Publications (free shipping; or all may be purchased in digital format for a discounted price).

My Daily Walk, Volume I (Spiral bound or paper and hardback on $16.95 and $28.00 or Digital $10.00

My Daily Walk, Volume II   (Spiral Bound only)  $19.95 or Digital $10.00

My Daily Walk, Volume III (Spiral Bound only)  $19.95 or Digital $10.00

My Daily Walk, Volume IV (Spiral Bound only) $19.95 coming in 1/1/2015 or Digital available now for $10.00 digital.

Set Free, This is the exciting life story of Dr. & Mrs. Nikoley as presented on  “Unshackled” radio program. Published by Hyles-Publications and available here. $10.00 (includes shipping) or $5.00 digital format.

Additional resources are available by ordering the digital version through Contending for the Faith Publications:

Annual Book of Sermons # 1

This is the first of a series of Sunday morning, evening and Wednesday evening messages throughout the year of 2004. A must read for all students and a good resource for pastors and teachers. $20.00.

Annual Book of Sermons # 2

This is a unique 352 page fully edited book of sermons. Not an outline with blanks to be filled in, but complete sermons as preached by Pastor Nikoley throughout the year of 2005.  $20.00

Annual Book of Sermons # 3

This is a unique 412 page fully edited book of sermons. As with Volumes 1 and 2, these are not outlines with blanks, but complete sermons as preached by Pastor Nikoley throughout the year of 2006.  $20.00

Annual Book of Sermons # 4

This too is a unique and fully edited 464 page book of sermons from the pulpit of Pomerado Road Baptist Church. Again, a complete sermon as preached by Pastor Nikoley until the time of his resignation on October 28, 2007. $20.00

An Adventure in Grace

This is truly one of the greatest blessings for the growing Christian in the home or ministry.  This twenty-six chapter and 83 page booklet on the grace of God is a great resource for preachers and Sunday school teachers seeking a greater understanding of God’s unmerited favor. $10.00

An Adventure in the Love of God

This is a 15 chapter, 104-page booklet on the love of God for mankind and the sacrificial love of our Lord Jesus Christ. $10.00

Answers for Your Marriage

Is a skeleton outline produced for slide-presentation purposes, as well as opportunities for teaching and preaching the Word of God. $2.00

Building Blocks for the Christian Family

A series of exciting chapters on the family by Pastor Nikoley. This is truly a valuable resource for preachers, teachers and Christian families seeking to live godly lives in the home. $10.00

Christ’s Seven Calls

A new series of seven chapters on salvation and Christian growth. $5.00

Establishing the local Church

A sixteen chapter, 140-page teaching resource for college students and those seeking to build a New Testament local church for God’s glory. This course has been taught in several Bible College Master’s programs and church education classes. $10.00

Faith in Action

This is an action packed and challenging 116-page booklet of sermons on Faith in Action. Many of these messages were preached during difficult trials for the church, and show how God resolved each of them. $10.00

Harmony in the Church

Imagine what would happen in the local church if everyone would work and live together in harmony! This booklet is series of sermons addressing the importance of Christians serving together in all church ministries. $5.00

How to Handle Your Emotions

This is a newly published series of chapters on the subjects of guilt, discouragement, depression, worry, sorrow, passions, etc. Truly a must for all Christian workers and a great help to those dealing with any of the given issues. $5.00

It’s The Heart!

A Series of Lessons taught in the Adult Sunday school class over the one-year period. Available digital format only. $10.00

Learning to Be a Disciple

A 140 & 156-page booklet on discipleship and is an excellent resource for training new converts one on one, as well as in a classroom setting. Published in both teacher and student workbook format. $10.00

Real Bible Wisdom

Is a series of sermons on Bible wisdom for the servant of God. $5.00

Seven Basic Bible Doctrines

Seven chapters and 120-pages for use in teaching seven of the most important Bible Doctrines. These lessons have been taught in several Bible Colleges at the Master’s level, and would be a tremendous resource for anyone seeking a greater understanding of major Bible Doctrines. $10.00

The Calling of a Pastor                         

108 pages of a step by step process in the calling of a pastor a must for any pastor considering retiring or a call to another ministry. $10.00

The Miracle of Christmas

A five-week series on Christmas according to Scripture, including the secular controversy over Christmas. $5.00

The Power of Prayer                                                                                   

A series of chapters on the need of powerful prayer in the life of a servant of God. $5.00

The Supreme Importance of Truth                                                          

25 pages of College Class training on practical truth out of 2 John. $5.00

Time Management Training Seminar

This Training Seminar has been held in many parts of the country to help Christian workers use electronic tools such as Notebooks, iPad’s, Tablets, iPhone and Mobile Windows-based operating systems. This is a booklet of Time Management techniques for the Christian servant as well as the student. $5.00

Wedding Procedure Manual

A complete guide to conducting the rehearsal, the wedding and repeating of the vows. A sample sermon is included as well as a continuing message on marriage. $5.00

What Defines America?

One of the greatest series of patriotic messages preached on special occasions and used by several of the nation’s top talk show hosts. This book includes the drama of “The Nikoley Story”, texts of the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States of America, and The Bill of Rights. Every Christian ought to be familiar with our great heritage. Many other patriotic messages are included and available individually upon request. This book is in the process of being published, so get now at a much lower cost. $10.00

* The above prices on the published books include shipping. Only money orders or Paypal are accepted, and must be paid upon placing the order.

Digital format is also available on any of the printed books for $10.00 – $20.00. Leave your email address as you make your payment through Paypal by clicking on the button on the sidebar. Enter your Paypal information with the price on the left. We will send you your request immediately or on the next business day.

** All of the digital products are available for immediate order. Thank you so much for your time in looking over these resources. It is our prayer that God will use them to aid you in your ministry.

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