“What is Love in Marriage?” Part 2

Please read Ephesians 5:22-32.

Marriage does not eliminate one problem, but creates many more:

  • COMPLETE, acceptance on both.
  • COMMITMENT, to each other.
  • CONSISTENCY, it is for life.
  • COMPADABILTY, one flesh.
  • Not necessarily the right person, but right treatment.
  • Marriage fails when people stop trying.
  • Jesus identifies with people in trouble.
  • Harmonious marriages includes seven common things:
  • Faith and trust of each other.
  • Love, even when not lovable.
  • Love, even when not lovable.
  • Courage in times of trouble.
  • Love, even when not lovable.
  • Patience with the others weakness.
  • A little bit of intelligence
  • A lot of common sense.
  • A great deal of perseverance.

“When God saw man was alone, He made a helper appropriate to his needs.”

  • Marriages are not necessarily made in heaven: “But, they are hammered out in the workshop of pain and problems, discouragement’s and disagreements, fear & trials, by the hammer of time on the anvil of reality.”

Eve was God’s love gift to Adam.

  • Marriage was designed to meet needs and satisfy one another.
  • Success is the result, if we meet each others needs. (We cannot be immature about it).
  • Mature women must teach the younger women:

          Please read Titus 2:3-4



This important lesson will continue for approximately ten days (with interruption for my scheduled Aortic Aneurysm surgery on Thursday, July 27th. Please be in prayer for God’s wisdom and giudance for the Doctors).


Titus 2:1-8, Ephesians 5:22-33

God wants your dreams to come true in your marriage.
Pleasure is not an end product, but a byproduct.
All of us start marriage without any experience, so it is only natural to be difficult.
Therefore, great value must be placed on the marriage contract.

We must first understand five basic principles of marriage:
1. God made man and
woman different Genesis 1:26-27.
2. God recognized man’s need of a companion Genesis 2: 18-23.
3. God established certain principles in marriage Genesis 2: 24-25.
The principle of separation = to give up, abandon.
The principle of singleness = to cleave (glued, pasted together).
The principle of one flesh = one mind, purpose.
The principle of openness = must be an open relationship, no secrets.
4. We must understand marriage is a permanent life long covenant.
Matthew 19:5, “For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh.”
There must be equality = not equal rights. Each has a different function.
No inferiority.
No dictatorship
But yielding on both sides.
5. We must understand that great value must be placed on the marriage contract – covenant – agreement.


“An Example of a Man’s Love!” Two day devotional!

1 Samuel 18:1-18

In the first three verses we read that Jonathan loved David as his own soul. There is nothing greater in this life than for one Christian to know the deep love of another. What an example these two men are to us this morning. They had a fervent love for each other. When Jonathan died, David said, “I am distressed for thee, my brother Jonathan: very pleasant hast thou been unto me: thy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of  women.” II Sam.1:26. “My Morning Manna” by Ed Nelson

Today we want to look at THREE CHARACTER TRAITS of Jonathan that made him a great man.


Some people might think that it is a weakness to show humility and consideration to another man. That is far from the truth.

The truth of the matter is that one of the strongest traits of manliness is the love he has for other men. A real man is one who knows how to show God’s love to others. This is not being a sissy, but strong and Christlikeness. For two men to walk together they must walk in agreement.

Amos 3:3, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?”

Jonathan was a man just like David. He was as skilled with the bow as David was with the sling.


Not only did he show compassion for David. Jonathan was a compassionate man to all his fellow men. It may not seem like it but he showed much compassion for his father, though he was trying to kill his friend David.

Jonathan manifested real Bible character with his compassion for David. He was willing to forsake his father to take the stand for what was right in being loyal to his friend David 1 Samuel 20:1-4, 9-17.


He understood the fact that David was going to be the king. He gave David his robe, his garments, his sword, his bow and his girdle. These were the items that identified him as a prince and a military leader. He was willing to give them to David, thereby saying that he was surrendering all of his rights so that David could be used of God. That is exactly what we must do for God – surrender all our rights to Him. “My Morning Manna” by Ed Nelson


Jonathan kept his covenant and so did David. In later chapters we will meet Mephibosheth, the son of Jonathan. David showed him kindness for Jonathan’s sake.

Praise the Lord. God shows us kindness for Jesus’ sake.


Today they do not want to hear about sin. They do not want us to name it because it might offend someone. Better to offend them than God! Better to tell the truth about extreme Muslim’s than to be blown to bits some day.

We need to preach a message of peace alright but also to warn of judgment. We need to warn people about the wicked philosophy that comes out of Hollywood.

Hollywood themselves say that, “Good movies make us think and great movies change our lives.” Even they admit that lives are changed by movies. But if we say that movies effect our society we are being racist or hateful, etc.

Some things are worth fighting for in spite of opposition from men.


Remember who your enemy is:

  • They are DIVIDERS, verse 19.
  • They are DEPRAVED, verses 19, 10.
  • They are DEAD, no spirit verse 19.
  • They are DECEIVERS.


  • Build your faith on the Bible, verse 20.
  • Pray in the power of God, verse 20. That is faith in action Romans 8:26-27.
  • Look for His coming, verse 21.
  • Be soul-conscious, verse 22.

Let me say in closing that we do not measure our spiritual life by meat or drink Romans 14:17-19.


It is peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. We ought to be in “hot pursuit” of godliness. There is no peace apart from righteousness – rightness.


If you settle for peace with compromise you lose both.


When righteousness is attacked there has to be a response. We are commanded to fight for right, to “contend for the faith.” We are to strive fervently for godliness.


I like what Augustine said about war and when it is justified:

  1. When it is declared by a Legislative Sovereign.
  2. When there is a just cause.
  3. When there is a belligerent enemy.

The question to the Anti-Americans today is this, “Is there never a cause?”

  1. We have orders from a legitimate Sovereign.
  2. We certainly have a just cause.
  3. Our faith (as well as our country) is under attack.

They need to understand that evil permeates a society. Their intent is not only to destroy our country, but also to destroy our faith.

There is nothing better and more beautiful than a country at peace, but at what price. “Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty.”

There is nothing more beautiful than a church at peace Ephesians 3:9-14. But let me say this, wherever you may see a church at peace is as a result of conflict.

They say we need to be more tolerant, pluristic, etc. We say, “only God is perfect.”

They want us to broaden our thinking and be more inclusive, no; we must to obey the Bible.

We had better be careful about sending our children to Satan’s U. They will unteach everything you taught your child.

Listen, the idea of culture and political correctness is shaping our nation and now our ministries.

Paul said, “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.”



Jude 1-4

As the Jewish host approached a hostile army, the priests cheered them by preaching, Deuteronomy 20:2; 1 Samuel 7:9, 13, and by inspiring songs, 2 Chronicles 20:21.  The sacred trumpets gave the signal for battle, Numbers 10:9,10; 2 Chronicles 13:12-15; the archers and slingers advanced first, but at length made way for the charge of the heavy-armed spearmen, who sought to terrify the enemy, by their aspect and war-cries, 1 Samuel 17:52; Job 39:25; Isaiah 17:12,13.  The soldiers were soon engaged hand to hand; the battle became a series of duels; and the victory was gained by the bravery, the skill, strength, and swiftness of individual soldiers, 1 Chronicles 12:8; Ps 18:32-37.

A victorious army of Jews on returning was welcomed by the whole population with every demonstration of joy, 1 Samuel 18:6, 7.  The spoils were divided after reserving a part for the Lord, Numbers 31:50; trophies were suspended in public places; eulogies were pronounced in honor of the most distinguished warriors, and lamentations over the dead.

In defeating a walled city, numerous towers were usually built around it for throwing artillery; catapults were prepared for hurling large darts and stones.  Large towers were also constructed and mounds near to the city walls, and raised if possible to an equal or greater height, that by casting a movable bridge across access to the city might be gained. The battering-ram was also used to affect a break.

The modern inventions of gunpowder, rifles, bombs, and heavy artillery like nuclear weapons, MOAB (Mother of All Bombs) bombs, smart bombs, laser guided bombs, etc. have changed all this. As the influence of Christianity spreads itself in the world, war is becoming less excusable and less practiced except in extreme circumstances. Such as we are facing even at the moment with the war in Afghanistan and with ISIS.

I think most will agree that today we have religion without conviction; relaxation has taken the place of revival, compromise in place of conflict, etc.



Read Jude 1-4.
Again, the meaning is to “Agonize the good agony.”
What he is saying: “Thou hast a contest to sustain in which thy honour, thy life, thy soul, are at stake. Live the Gospel, and defend the cause of God. Unmask hypocrites, expel the reckless, purge and build up the Church, live in the spirit of thy faith, and give thyself wholly to this work.” Unknown.
Not much is said in the New Testament about war except that we are to fight a good warfare, as a “good soldier.”
Implying of course that the weapons of men are still a part of the world in which we live.
I must say that we are not to be concerned about such things, but we are commanded to fight the “good fight of faith.”
This is why Jude tells them to EARNESTLY CONTEND FOR THE FAITH. Struggle to defend it!
A little history of Biblical war is appropriate at this point:
Before the period of the kings, there seems to have been scarcely any regular army among the Jews; but all who were able to bear arms were liable to be called to the field, 1 Samuel 11:7.
The vast armies of the kings of Judah and Israel usually fought on foot, armed with spears, swords, and shields; having large bodies of archers and slingers, and comparatively few chariots and horsemen. The forces were arranged in suitable divisions, with officers of tens, hundreds, thousands. The Jews were fully equal to the nations around them in bravery and the arts of war; but were restrained from wars of conquest, and when invaders had been repelled the people dispersed to their homes.